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  WTF reform commission meeting for approval adidas/atm / Seoul-KOR 11-14 January
  Olympic Youth Festival in Sydney/ Australia 17-21 January
  ISPO, Munich/ Germany 04-06 February
  Demo by US Open / Orlando-USA 15-18 February
  Training with Top Athletes in Hadong / Seoul-KOR 15 May
  Saarland Open/ Germany 19 June
  Las Vegas Promotional Tour for Korean Instructors 19 June
  Training with Lopez family in Sugar Land / USA 22 June
  USA versus Germany 22 June
  Training with Ireno Fargas and Top Athletes from Mexico 25 June
  Training with National Team of Venezuela 28 June
  Venezuela vs. Germany 03 July
  Baek Open/ Germany 25 August
  1st Swedish Cup, Trollhätten/ Sweden 08-09 September